God, our Father-Shora Kuetu

God, our Father
By Shora KUETU

Have you known? The Father is love. But He is not only love, He has love.
God, our Father!
And I have had the revelation of the Father in my room while I was praying once; I was lying flat on my bed when I was taken into heaven and dropped into His arms. It has been something deeply touching, He was there. He was stroking me affectionately. And the ministry given to me by Him is based upon this revelation of the Father.
God, my Father!

I am going to say it to you: you can’t fear God; you can’t answer His requests if you don’t receive the revelation of the Father’s heart. You will try to please Him through your Christian life and if this is the case, you are going to fail. Alright? You will try to touch Him by your way of offering financially into His work, by your prayer life…You will fail because, you see, regarding wealth - and we take for instance a country such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC), which is a geological scandal- . It’s the richest mining country, as it has great diamond resources and all the wood too…it’s crazy.  There are plenty of countries like this, where there is lots of wealth, such as The Ivory Coast too, which has petrol like nowhere else. And all this it’s the Father’s wealth. This has nothing to do with bank cheques. And if you are offered 18 or 27 carats diamond you would become a millionaire. Do you see? So, the Father has it all. Therefore, imagine a God so rich… now honestly, how you believe you could truly touch Him by giving Him 200 € for the work? No, you can’t… and especially when this comes from a man. So, do you believe that we are going to touch Him because we are offering Him our car for the assembly? Because all the raw materials used to build that car, oh well, they come from nature.  This is God, this is the Father. Man has created nothing. All man does is gather, transform. Do you see? So, all this is the Father.
Therefore, sometimes we say to ourselves: « If He is God, if He’s good, why does He let me bear such sufferance? »
« I am looking for work » for those who can’t find a job and say: « I can’t find any».
Don’t you think that God can send rain for you alone, just for you, drop a little diamond? So you can become a millionaire in one go.
Don’t you believe that the Father can give you the lotto number in a dream though you don’t play? The next day you could play and win 200 million euros.
But you are going to ask me:’ why isn’t the Father doing it?’ Because He knows that when you get rich/millionaire it’s over, you go to hell. He knows us. Dear brother and sister, His love for you is  thus He prefers to let you bear sufferings after sufferings until your race here below is over, finished and then, God, our Father, tells you: « Now, return home! »  Because He knows that this suffering is for your own salvation. 
And satan comes into your thoughts: «Have you seen? Drop it; He doesn’t love you at all. »
« But you need to pray 4 days, 20 days. And you kneel, as you want to be listened to...if you pray, don’t sit down, but kneel. You’ll see. » You are going to try all kind of methods and it still won’t work.
   Which one of you has tried several methods? See, there are many. So, we tell ourselves:  « No, I prefer to keep on praying, it is going to work such as Joshua did with Jericho. » At the end of a month, we are tried. But we have to do the way angels do it: kneeling that is… We leave His throne saying: « See, Lord, I was sitting upon my throne, on my chair, but now I am kneeling. »  You see?
The Father knows all your needs better than you.
I take an example: a child, a baby, a 6 month born baby that sees you eating (let’s say: camembert, rice, pasta…) he starts crying, in other words screaming louder and louder simply because he wants your food, all that you have: bread, baguette, the sandwich you were eating. Is do you love that baby or not? True or false? You love him/her. But the baby, due to your refuse, says to himself/herself: ‘Mum is mean’; so he/she turns the volume up; his/her voice gets louder and louder… Because he thinks: ‘Crying like this will make mum and dad take such a pity on me that they will give up on the sandwich.’ But you know that if you are going to give it to him/her, he/she is going to die. True or false? So, you refuse. But he/she interprets this the wrong way.  And if he/she could walk, he/she would tell you « Bye, I go to a neighbour ». True or false? But you are there and tell him/her: « Sweetheart, I love you. » « But how can you tell me you love me when I am hungry? »
« Darling, there is the milk for you. » « No, mum you are wrong. Why would I drink milk when you eat this sandwich? Especially when it smells so nice. »
Well, that is how we are with the Father.
« Aaaahhaaah… Lord, we need a big hall for the ministry. ».
God knows that if you get out of where you are, you are going to die. And often we are more worried for His work rather than being preoccupied with Him.  Like as if He tells us: « Do you think it’s you who died on the cross for the souls? »
« Lord? » « Yes, my daughter. » « You see, Lord, listen. I am 40 years old and still single, it isn’t normal. Lord, I believe I have a problem. » And the Lord says: « I know. My daughter, I know. But the problem is that if I gave you at once a husband or a wife, my son, you are not going to pray like before. »
But it is difficult to understand the thought of the Father.
See how we treat our children for those of you who are parents. A child…let’s say you live at the 20th floor. The child goes to the window. I am sure that even if the window is closed, a mother or a father worthy of their name gets out of the bathroom to say: « Aaaaaaah, darling, no… » The child will interpret this smack as a lack of love. « How could you slap me like this? ». Children don’t necessarily say it but they believe it. They are not going to express it verbally like this.  But up there, the thought is there.
But when they grow up, they will understand and say: « Ah! Yes, I understand now. I understand. »
The father, each day that passes He cries out of love for you. And the angels are surprised, overwhelmed.
How can this be possible? Do you know the number of years that the Father has waited to be able to touch you? Or do you know for how long has he been kicking His heels in waiting or how terribly patient He has been with you? Until one day when you have said: «Now, I give you my life. » But it was since your birth that the Father has been waiting for you!
Ephesians chapter 3: 13 -19  “I ask you, therefore, not to be discouraged because of my sufferings for you, which are your glory. For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge--that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.”
  Paul had a true exceptional relationship with the Father, He knew the Father so much that despite his sufferings, he didn’t condemned God. Wow!
Despite his difficulties… Paul has suffered, my friends. He has been lapidated at least 4 or 5 times. More than 3 times and he received 40 slashes on his body 4 times- once received because of the Father, because of the Word.
He said that: « All the families in heaven and earth take their name after the Father. »
What does it mean?
Father in Greek is pater, meaning he is the generator, the author of a family. He is the source of a family. 
Do you know why many youth have problems, many families have problems? because they don’t have the revelation of the Father. Of the heavenly Father
The young sisters, you who want to get married, pray to God that He gives you men who have received the revelation of the Father for them to be good fathers for their children. This is important. Because a father is not a man who is going to smack without listening. No. A Father is not someone who is going to judge before listening. A father, before sanctioning, he is going to sit with his son and he is going to ask him some questions.  « Why have you done this? » He knows that his son has misbehaved, but he is not going to punish him straight away. He is going to ask him first: « What have you done? Why have you done it? Please explain yourself to me.»
I take an example: a son is going to steal, and then his father is going to grab him. Many parents smack immediately: the whip. The child is going to cry, he is going to be hurt twice and he is going to close himself in a cocoon. But he wasn’t healed. He wasn’t delivered. He wasn’t saved. He will develop rejection; he will develop the rejection of his heart. And then one day, he will have an implosion in his heart and there will be mess, lots of collateral damage.
But a father is the one who calls his son when this has stolen: « Come, sit down. Why have you done this? ». And the son can say: « Dad, I have done it because I was going to starve. You haven’t shopped in weeks at home. Mum and you don’t do shopping at home so I was hungry. It has been weeks since I am hungry and haven’t eaten properly and that is why I have started to steal. »
«Really? »
Now: a daughter who steals.  You talk to her then: « Why have you done this my girl? » She could tell you: « Dad, Mum, I have started to have these periods and you haven’t given me money for the pads. All of the sudden it starts to feel bad. See, for instance at school, once, I started to bleed and I had nothing on me. »
And that is how you realise that the problem in fact, the theft of your child is nothing else that the consequence of a cause and that cause is your irresponsibility.  But a girl who steals like this because she doesn’t have money to buy her necessities, what is she going to do? She is going to steal or look for a man to have money. 
And her parents will hit, smack, kick…they don’t realise that their daughter needs to be listened to. This is called dialog.
And it is the same with God’s work.
We find out that a brother has misbehaved. We could come and talk and talk. And when we listen to him, we realise that he is not the culprit.  But a father is he who comes to say: « I have learnt this, but how it is actually happened?  Why have you done this deed? Why have you behaved like this? » The person will say: « But, you know, if I haven’t listened is because you haven’t talked to me decently. You have frustrated me, humiliated me in front of all those people. I was hurt. » « Ah Ok al right».
The Father!
And it is extremely important, my friends, to receive the Father’s revelation. This changes us.
We live in an age when families are dislocated. Families are broken. People don’t know how to be a father, how to be a mother. Children grow up like that and if parents are there, they are labels, they don’t fulfil correctly their role because, you see, they too, if you verify, they haven’t had good parents. So, smacking is the only way for them to express their displeasure …hitting is their answer…
I remember once I took my car to be fixed to a Congo man. He asked his son to take his mobile phone and put it somewhere and this child aged 9 didn’t understand what his father meant. So, he put the phone somewhere else.
I can assure you, this man hit his 9 year-old son, and he has started to hit him with fists. This gentleman must been more than 47 years old. His son was 9...with fits. I had to intervene. I was shocked.  The child wasn’t even crying. I understood that since being a baby he must have received slaps, hits, fists, so not to get more, he suffered it all; but you could see that inside him there was a rage which he was going to express outwards one day through inappropriate behaviours, through meanness, through rebellion towards authority and especially towards the police.  That is why we have all this delinquency. This kind of delinquency raised in many people’s houses, in the foreigners, immigrants’ homes. Why?
The Father’s revelation is missing. This is where the problem sits.
We can pray non-stop: « Oh Lord, I love you. »
But many pastors don’t know the Father. 
There is no dialog. When the child says something, we cry, we suffocate him. But we have to sit, discuss, and understand in order to be able to help.
And if a gentleman says to the kid: « Go now in that corner there and put your head down and the feet in the air. », then, I can assure you that this gentleman is a heathen like many Christians, too.
The Father!

How can you understand that a man who marries a woman whom he has children with, will then say to her :  « oh, well, I don’t like you anymore, I am going to see someone else. » and he leaves his children like that at home, or it could be a lady too, to go and live his/her life. But this is irresponsibility! It happens because the people don’t have the Father’s Revelation. 
The Bible says that: All the families in heaven and on earth take their name from the Father.  
It is terrible.
This means that if you want to have a true family you have to firstly know the Father. Otherwise, you are going to smash up your home one day. Oh, yes.
A woman who receives the Father’s Revelation will enter her identity as a daughter. Because the Father’s revelation makes you enter your identity as son and as daughter. 
Therefore, it also means that when a man is going to marry and doesn’t know that he is firstly a son, he will do anything. How do you want him to give a good image of a son to his future children if he himself hasn’t yet understood his own identity of a son? 
Listen to what the Ecclesiast tells us:
I know that you love the family here.
This is good because I love the family a lot, too. The family for life (famille2vie.)
Proverbs chapter 4 we read from the 1st verse until the 4th: “Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction; pay attention and gain understanding. I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching. When I was a boy in my father's house, still tender, and an only child of my mother, he taught me and said, "Lay hold of my words with all your heart; keep my commands and you will live.”
Oh yes, my friends.
Who talks here in your opinion? Solomon, isn’t it?
And look again at verse 1. What does it say?  Listen to the Father’s instruction. The Father’s . Your father.
Who is the father here? Solomon.
Solomon had become a father. He talks to his sons. He makes them remember something very precious. He tells them: « Listen, I have also been a son. »  Because he had been a son for David and in his turn, Solomon, had sons too.
You can have children without having the sons and daughters. You have to understand the Bible’s language. It doesn’t mean that if you have boys they are necessary sons. The word son in Hebrew it doesn’t exist… When the Jews said sons they meant the son is the image of his father. That is why it is said that Yehoshoua is the imprint of the Father. It is important to know it.  So, not every child is necessarily a son. Not all women are necessarily daughters. Of course! We understand badly things, as compared to Greek, French language is poor. And compared to Hebrew too. Each Hebrew letter has a meaning. Each letter. There are 22.
You understand why Abraham wanted a son at all cost? It didn’t matter which child. He had Ismael, but Ismael wasn’t a son. Yes! That is why he couldn’t’ inherit Abraham and he was chased away. Of course. He was a illegitimate son. That is why the Bible says: « Chasse this child because he can’t inherit with the son. », Paul tells it in Galatians.
You see? Is anyone receiving the teaching tonight? May God help us!
I was wondering what was I going to share with you, but the Lord was on His way to illuminate us.

Galatians chap. 4: 21 “Tell me, you who want to be under the law, are you not aware of what the law says?”
But what the Scripture says? Verse 30 “But what does the Scripture say? ‘Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son’."
The son of a slave will not inherit with the son of a free woman. So, here it is.
Therefore, he had 2 sons, according to the worldly talk, but Isaac was his son through excellency because he was Abraham’s image. He was the child of a free woman. But the other one wasn’t.
That is why, in families, too, you are going to see some kids behaving well to their parents, following their parents’ principles, while others are rebellious. However, all these children have come out of the same womb. Like Jacob and Esau.
Haven’t you seen that the Messiah’s genealogic line was composed of sons?

Even some older sons have been deleted from the line to leave room for their nephew Esau and Jacob. Jacob has become the first born despite the fact that Esau was the first born. Esau was rejected as he was worldly. And thus, Jacob was the image of the father. Later this image was Judah, too. That is the reason why, in Proverbs, Solomon says ‘Listen the instruction of the father. I am your father but before being a father I was firstly a son.
Therefore, a man who has never had the heavenly Father’s revelation, who has never been a son for his parents (though aged 30, with a beard and a job and even an apartment), he will end up divorced despite the fact that he might talk nicely to women. And it is because he is no son. He will end up cheating his wife.
Nevertheless, despite the fact that you have failed having an education and also failed your parents because you were just a rebel, you still can pull yourself together and receive the Father’s revelation. Without the Father’s revelation, it’s all over, you’re grilled; with the entire Bible in your head…
Are there any brothers who want to be sons for real? And ladies too?
We need it. We live in a generation where the children aged 13 learn to say: « Look, it’s my life, I do what I please. If you start to annoy me, I call centerlink (the social help line) at school. » The parents tremble. « If you dare do this to me, I will talk to my teacher and then you’ll see. » Children are pulled out of parents’ hands. Especially in London, children are kings. 

Cursed be the country where the child is king, the Word tells us.
In London, you can’t touch children.  Not even little smacks on their bottoms. Nothing. Children are kings in U.K. And how would you like these children to be sons?
A man who was (and still is, if his parents are lived-n.tr.) a son to his father and to God the Father, who has received the revelation and married a woman, he will say:  I have kids. I can’t betray my line. I cannot betray my heavenly Father. » Therefore, he will never accept his children to call someone else ‘dad’. There are principles. This man in question, this son, he has principles. I have trouble seeing my kids calling another man:  
« Ah! But you know dad K has come to look for me at school. » Oh, wow! Sharing the love of my kids with another gentleman? Do you imagine it, brothers?
There are principles. Therefore we don’t want to divorce not to disappoint the Lord, because we don’t want to disappoint the wife and the children, and because we don’t want to die as sons.
And a father, even if you have children, you will always be the son of your parents.
Have you seen how the people we form fall into rebellion? Because they are no sons, they don’t know the heavenly Father. They have no principle.
The heavenly Father!
There are many young people around: « Blablabla, man ». See, like that «You still have 25 years old, blabla? You still want to marry a lady, blabla? » They have no future project. « blablabla The ministry, the ministry, the ministry… the calling. »

My friend, you have to be a son first. It is important.  May God help us.

Regarding the sisters it is the same. The Father’s revelation makes you enter your femineity.  
For men, the Father’s Revelation helps you enter your masculinity, because a man who isn’t masculine is a man who will be feminine, a completely feminised man. The Bible tells us that the effeminised people will not enter the heavenly Kingdom. When there is a problem, a man completely feminised cries all the time.  On the contrary, a man worthy of his name, when facing a problem, brothers, firstly he fixes it all in prayer.
Do you know why most ladies love the men much older than them? At the same age, men are less mature than women. It has been proven. Let’s take a man aged 20 and a woman aged 20, too. you see…why? Because somewhere there, there is a problem with some men…
The Word tells us that man is a chief, but not a boss who orders around, who sits upon a throne and says: ‘Do this, do that.’  The boss is the one who dirties his hands, his feet and tells people: ‘Do what I do.’ and not ‘Do what I say.’  It isn’t the same. «Do this and do that. ». No. « I do and you do it too. »
A man worthy of his name knows how to administer his house. Firstly, his life. A man who « What have you eaten? What have you drunk ? » with a wife who always has to watch his diet for instance « Have you eaten too much salt? ». But then, you become a baby…it isn’t possible like this. I assure you that there are ladies who say:« I have married a baby, a child. I must watch all that he does. »
How many men know how to cook? We want the ministry, but at home we don’t even know how to cook for our kids. Because for many men, the wife must cook. And then because the ladies cook less and less, you end up with a little store of deep frozen goods and tins... we take a 20-year-frozen chicken and try to cook it in the microwaves… oh! What grace! We come in and after 3 minutes, tic-tac, the chicken is ready. « Darling, come and eat. »
Listen, may God help us. I know that I am about to stir things around here, but this is going to do us good, it’s important/vital.  
If you ask men how they prepare food, they say:  « I only cook rice and pasta. Eggs too. » The sisters know it all! Especially men of African origin…it’s terrible.
When there is a problem, men do this: « Mum, I am going to ring mum up. » « But we are married!!! ». « yes, but I am going to call Mum. »  What about the umbilical cord, hasn’t it been cut???
The man will leave his father and mother and attach himself to his wife.

He didn’t say that he was going be attached to his house or his car, because men like so much their car, even Christians. They spend more time with polishing their car instead of looking after his wife, polishing her knowledge in the Word of God. Especially when man has a business, then he finds a way of getting out: « Ah, but you know, darling, I finish up late. Yes, I don’t have the time to come home for dinner. »
Especially when there is a ministry involved. Then its’ like this: « Darling, on Monday, I had to visit someone.  Tuesday, too, visiting, Wednesday the same… ». The phone rings all the time, all the time. The wife doesn’t even have time to talk to her husband.   
And at home the pastor is there. « Darling, it is written. It is written…». The wife wants to talk…. « Wait… the anointing». You are not going to impress your wife with the anointing. The others are going to be idolaters. But your own wife? Never. Because she knows you, she knows when you cry when there is no food on the table. Then, it’s not the pastor who cries, it’s her husband who cries. But because the wife protects her husband, she is not going to reveal it all out.   So, you can’t impress her with Bible verses. See if you find a woman impressed by a man because of his anointing, of his ministry, if the man marries her, then it’s all over.  When we are in the secret place, it’s all over, there is no more mystery. The wife is going to say: « But, he is like everyone else. He is a mortal man. He has defects too. »
Look why we have to be a son. Tell your neighbour that he has to be a son or a daughter.  
Stop the comedy. Bishops and all this. We can fool all, but our wives… True or false? Yes of course! We even fool ourselves sometimes.
Who has noticed the difficulties regarding the identity as son and daughter?

If we have a bad relationship with our Dad, with our Mum, we can also have a bad image about the heavenly Father.
A woman who has been often been hit by men, even after her conversion, she will still be hurt by men ; the hurt is always there, the demons have been chased away, but the pain/hurts are there, she could have a bad image of the heavenly Father.
Who finds it hard to see God as a Father?
And very often we go and see this kind of ladies with this problem, we don’t condemn them, far from this, but it is because they too have a bad image of man or of their dads. A woman who has been raped by someone close, by a man, when she converts to Jesus, you need to tell her: « But the heavenly Father exists. » But this person will talk more to Jesus in His quality as The Father. Nevertheless, talking to the Father will be hard…
Do you see?
You know that the 1st identity we have when we give our life to the Lord is that we become sons and daughters.
God has loved the world so much that He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish.
But, let me ask you: Why has God given His Son? You are going to say: For our salvation. I agree. But it wasn’t for this alone. It was also a guide to us to follow. It was also an example of sons and daughters that God wants. Do you see?
God has become Son and descended upon the Earth to give us the image Adam had lost. Adam was the first son of God on earth. The first son and when he had fallen into sin, he had lost all that (this identity-n.tr.). That is why God Himself had to be incarnated. And when Jesus/ Yehoshoua came, the apostles seeing how He was with the Father told themselves: « Show us the Father. » Because they saw Him how submitted He was to the Father. They saw how He talked to the Father. How He was singing to the Father… and they said to themselves:  « But how can someone love God like this? »
By the way, the Jews in John10 have accused the Lord for claiming He was the Son of God.  And for a Jew to say that a man can be the son of God; it was like for the Muslims: an abomination.
Are you still with me, have you ever had the chance to sit with your father and talk to him? With your biological father. Who has trouble in this area? See, we are many. Because often the father, the image of the father that you have is someone who comes and threatens you.  « You have done this and that. »

I’ll say this too about a lady; I won’t say her name. 8 years ago, a young woman came to see me and said:
« When I had 16 years old, my brother had 15 »… and she told me they went to a birthday anniversary and when they got back, their father who was so angry hit them both; he had a razor and made them take their clothes of and shaved them. You understand. She had 16 years old. She confided in me 8 years ago. She was hurt, broken. She has now her ministry and we followed her through her healing process. She is also married, but for 3 years she couldn’t live a normal life with her husband. And the Lord kept telling her: « Talk to your husband. » When she did, she was set free.
And when she came back to see me to be able to see her family regarding their familial situation, I was able to fix a meeting with her parents for the 1st time and I told her: « Tell your parents what you have told me. » At first, I saw her Mum and I told her: « tell your Mum what you have told me. » and she said it all. Her Mum then said: « Why haven’t you said anything? ». « But mum, how could I tell you? When Dad used to hit us, you used to be there to encourage him. »
And then her father came in with her mother, we talked, the father admitted: « yes, I have in fact shaved them both, I remember it. ». I told him: « But, Sir, we call this witchcraft. » and then, I added: « You have to apologise to your daughter for having destroyed her life. ».
Now, how do you want that daughter to have the Father’s revelation? Fortunately, God gave her grace.
Look at our relationships with our parents, Have a good look. We are between brothers and sisters here, there are tensions, conflicts.  
Who sees him/her in all this?
And Solomon said: « My father instructed me ».
This is the role of a father: give instruction.  
And know that for the Jews, the letter lamed - the 12th letter of their alphabet- suggests ‘the word: instruction’.  
Like I’ve already said, each Hebrew letter has a meaning. This 12th letter: lamed.  Has the shape of a whip. And lamed speaks to us about instruction, about Rabbi. Yehoshoua, the Rabbi, the Instructor. Lamed also tells us about the whip, the apostolate, the correction – a role also entrusted to a father.
That is why the Bible tells us: « Don’t depart the rod from a child. »
Therefore, the heavenly Father if He sees that we depart from His way, He takes the whip and hit us, corrects us. And Hebrews 12 tells us that he corrects us because we are the legitimate sons.
Such as I am, I can’t change an iota/letter because I know God will going to hit me. I can’t even move.   
There are people who sin, Christians and pastors included. You are going to see them sinning each day and you ask yourselves how come they are well? But there are some who can’t even get up…
I have said for the last time, in my heart to the Lord: « I am going to U.S.A. and take refuge there. Europe makes me tired now…with all these fights Lord, I save myself! » The word was still in my heart. Brothers, I went to bed, but up there, the Father heard it all. Brothers, a demon of death came to see me to catch me. I‘ve got up jumping and said: « Lord, I have understood. » « Ah! Do you want to do that? Well, you are going to die »

If you only dare, you have the impression that all doors are closed. And you are in this place: « Aaaaah ! I am cursed.». You are not cursed. From somewhere, the heavenly Father is watching over you.  

Brothers, believe it… Do you think it’s joyful to see guys doing videos, thieves; I don’t even want to tell their names. There are some watching my videos so much that have the same haircut as me. It is terrible.
You, brothers, you live in tranquillity. There are no people talking about you; having meetings regarding your person. Brothers, honestly, especially on a guy like me, on ex-layabout.
But the Father says: « Be quiet. You are working for Me because I watch over you. »
Calm down!
Thank you Lord.

Do you realise? If your name is hit by the net, nothing happens.  You can sleep in peace; but we others, we make noise. Shora’s little world. Oh ! The knowledge…What logo I do? It’s not even me doing it. The brother who does it, who is at the bottom of all this, he rang me some days ago and told me: « Honestly, I told this man he’s crazy. It was me who has invented logo. It is me who does it, not you.»   
They say: ‘But there is demonic sign there. They like to call him father while he is only an older in the church.’
You, you have peace… but there are plenty of sites against me…entire blogs…
What grace! I like it. Tell your neighbour that I like it. I do. It is the Carmel Mountain, the convocation.

I don’t like this brothers (fame-n.tr.). Me, too, I would prefer a quiet life.

I used to be a projection operator and in my cinema I used to be conformable. I used to have 4 halls. I used to have my own projection cabin; I used to sit there in my armchair and project movies. I was there quiet. Yes, brothers, in tranquillity.  
I used to earn at least 9000 French Francs, the medium wages that time. Lots of money. In addition, I used to work part-time, I didn’t want to earn much, I wanted it for the Lord’s work. I was at peace. People used to come: « Can I enjoy a free movie? ». « No worries. How many? 2, 3? Come in. »
I was at peace. The cinema was there, I used to administer it all, all by myself.
But God said: « Get out of here. You are going to make noise for vagabonds. »
Sometimes I talk to Him like this: « Lord, can’t you settle this down for a bit? » (Shora means all the fuss people do around his person.-n.tr.)
It’s too late. What do you want to do?
This is the Lord. The Father is watching over us.
Because if you know that all you words and gesture are watched, then you realise you can’t drive alone with a lady in your car. Of course! Because He knows that your fall will bring the fall of many other people.
So, He, the Father, tells satan: « Send me all your funny people so they can be around him. » People made trumpets for free. (Brother Shora said once that we must be very important for God’s Kingdom if people are rising up to accuse us and to make noise around our persons. True followers of God will always be treated as heretics and suffer calumny -n.tr.)
With you, it’s the same. If it isn’t the net (internet-n.tr.), then there are the enemies that are going to rise against you.  People that are going to criticise you: « But I haven’t done anything, what do they want with me? What do they have against me? ».
Before I got here, someone rang me and then, goes on like a machine gun. I was there « Oh! » For free.
It’s terrible.
You know why I would like to break down/leave? But when I see the multitudes of people like this, I tell myself:  « But this crowd is here and if I leave, it is not going to be good. »
You can’t even imagine what the Father is going to put you through. Suffering. And when the Father corrects Christians, I hear some crying like this: « Oh!  I can’t do it anymore. I am going to break down. I will give up. I will abandon the ministry, I am going to retire. I am going to leave the keys to Shora. ». To me? Do you want me to have a key holder? Do you want me to grow older before time? No, thank you! Everyone has to carry their own key in the Name of au nom de Yehoshoua.
Of course brothers!
Every one of us has to receive instruction.
A telephone like this: «hello? ». « This is Joel ». « Are you ok, Joel? » « Ah, it is not working at all. But you know what I believe … ».Then, I say:  «No, what do you think? I believe that the Lord is instructing you right now. »
And this is the Gospel.
« Hello? Yes, who is this? ». « Ah, but you know man of God. » I answer: « You, too, are a man of God, no? »

One day, Jeremiah told the Lord: « Lord, You are too Just. ».
He was such a wise man, Jeremiah: firstly he started to lift the Lord up. « Lord, You are too Just. » he didn’t even say: « You are just. », but said : « Lord, You are too just for me,  Jeremiah to fight against you because I am but dust, but, nevertheless, I would like to ask you some questions regarding your judgements. . I fear You. But You punish me. Everyone says critics about me. The prophets criticise me; the priests, the king, the chiefs… but the heathens, oh well, they are happy. My neighbours are well; there my girlfriends find easily boyfriends. Me, when I sanctify myself, I am like this …I could find many in the streets. God, please explain me all this. »
He wasn’t the only one, Jeremiah, was he? Asaph said the same thing in Psalm 73.
Habakkuk said in the 1stverse of the 1st chapter: « How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, "Violence!" but you do not save? » (in French the verse is: ‘How long do I have to cry out to You violently and You don’t answer, Oh, Lord.’-n.tr.)
You think you are the only one to whom God doesn’t answer immediately, do you? He is the Father, He does what he pleases. Tell your neighbours He is the Father!
You send grenades to His throne. You then realise those 6 month fuselages have no result. You start parroting to heavens. You don’t even notice that the « ricacabocochika » doesn’t get you anywhere.
And then you say: « Well, I give myself one year and if He doesn’t answer me afterwards, it is all over. I am not going to the assembly, I stay at home. »
God says: « I am here, I am going to break even more of that ‘I’ (ego) of yours. ».

He takes you, puts you into a fire, heats you up all around and He is going to melt you bit by bit. He could even send you for a while to make a hospital stop or on holidays like for Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon who for 7 years was ‘on holidays’. (God gave him a disease that made him think he was an animal-n.tr.)  He needed to be disciplined by the Father or in other words instructed, before receiving the Father’s lesson. (…)Nebuchadnezzar needed to be struck down for a little while.
When you are well, you are in your BMW or in your Mercedes, in your villa, all is good. God is love, but when He starts to open you up a bit, then there is no more love, He is mean.   
But even if God’s children suffer like Job did, they are going to say: « I know that my Saviour is alive! »

Who doesn’t still understand the Lord?
They hurt you, so you fight back. Oh, no! My sister, be calm.
I know we are there, we fake it sometimes, we are all beautiful; it’s Sunday, but God knows that it’s hot.

« I don’t speak like this. I have to speak. Your mother, she exaggerates. » But wait, she is your mother-in-law. So, she is your mother, too. You have to have respect for her. Pay attention! Because you are going to hurt your husband, his son. There is wisdom.  
« But you know, however, your family, your brothers, your sisters…»
The husband has just said a word and the sister, his wife is already at the 3rd floor.

The Father who loves you, what is He going to do? He says: « My darling, because I love you so much, I am going to mould you. »
God is going to mould you, shape you, and cut unnecessary layers, as if you would have a long beak. God is going to take up the scissors. He is going to start trimming you down, not all at once because you could die. Nevertheless, He cuts little by little.
He takes the tongue and pulls. The tongue, although a small member, can inflame a whole forest. And when He is going to estimate that you have no tongue anymore, then you will liberate His Word to justify yourself. And then He is going to start manifesting. 

Go to the morgues and make an experience. Take a body and hit him hard – with your feet.
Brothers, I am convinced that the dead will rise. True? It is not true!

The dead man says: « Listen, have you hit me with a fist? I was in hell but I’ve come up just for you. I am going to pull up my sleaves because it’s not working like this. Now is better… »
So, he gives you a proper punch and you fall while he says:  «Now, I’m off. »
No! You can do anything; turn him into pieces, dead man doesn’t react. You can insult him. By the way, you can get rid of your anger on a dead body: « Look here you black. You are too black; you are like this or like that. »
« Look here Arab or look whity ».
Death. « What is racism? »
Well, God wants you to be the same; he wants me dead, too.

He takes His time.

Who has trouble controlling his temper?
There are words which are hurtful sometimes. But God, in His quality as a Father, He allows it all to instruct us.  All things work for the benefit of those who love God. 
Who has trouble forgiving?
Who hates his father? His mother? There are hands lifted up.
Who doesn’t like himself/herself? Come forward those who don’t love themselves. We are going to pray for you. Don’t worry; it is not to expose you. The Lord will do you good. 

You can find this teaching on the website The True Gospel: www.levraievangile.com


Matthieu 25:1 à 13

Alors le royaume des cieux sera semblable à dix vierges qui, ayant pris leurs lampes, allèrent à la rencontre de l'époux. Cinq d'entre elles étaient folles, et cinq sages. Les folles, en prenant leurs lampes, ne prirent point d'huile avec elles; mais les sages prirent, avec leurs lampes, de l'huile dans des vases. Comme l'époux tardait, toutes s'assoupirent et s'endormirent. Au milieu de la nuit, on cria: Voici l'époux, allez à sa rencontre! Alors toutes ces vierges se réveillèrent, et préparèrent leurs lampes. Les folles dirent aux sages: Donnez-nous de votre huile, car nos lampes s'éteignent. Les sages répondirent: Non; il n'y en aurait pas assez pour nous et pour vous; allez plutôt chez ceux qui en vendent, et achetez-en pour vous. Pendant qu'elles allaient en acheter, l'époux arriva; celles qui étaient prêtes entrèrent avec lui dans la salle des noces, et la porte fut fermée. Plus tard, les autres vierges vinrent, et dirent: Seigneur, Seigneur, ouvre-nous. Mais il répondit: Je vous le dis en vérité, je ne vous connais pas. Veillez donc, puisque vous ne savez ni le jour, ni l'heure. Matthieu 25: 1 à 13